Webinar: Empower Your Business to More Effectively Serve Your Customers

Nintex Aragon Webinar

Empower Your Business to More Effectively Serve Your Customers. Digital Business Platforms (DBPs) because of their adaptability and speed can be used in many different business and technical opportunities -- especially ones focused on human processes, such as the customer experience (CX). Listen to Aragon Research VP and Research Fellow Jim Sinur and Nintex Senior Director of Product Marketing Ian Hameroff share how to leverage the DBP for Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) to provide a better CX including:

  • Understanding the business/technical opportunities that exist in Digital today
  • How DBPs leverage these opportunities
  • How DBPs future-proof business and technical models
  • How Nintex is helping its clients with their digital journeys

Empower Your Business


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