AcronymIT stays on top of the sales lifecycle with Nintex

Multi-step licensing process automated improving customer satisfaction

While AcronymIT had delivered seven years of solid service to their clients, they knew that technology had advanced, as had business demands. It was clear to Founder David Hall that an automated and more cost-effective workflow was needed for their sales processing lifecycle, one that would make it easier and faster to get vital reports and manage accounts.

An upgrade such as this would free the sales and management teams from chasing paper around the office, and instead let them concentrate on managing customers and promoting additional services, rather than “managing paper.”

They needed a solution that would ensure key customer management actions of the multi-step licensing process were not missed and important tasks like updating clients’ software asset registers would continue in a timely fashion as business grew.

Hall explains, “My target was to improve the efficiency of people doing quotes by up to 400%.”

To achieve that, Nintex partner-provider Technology Shed developed collaborative methods that incorporated the AcronymIT sales and management staff as key members of the design team. This “Workflow for Everyone” development approach enabled Technology Shed to deliver streamlined, paperless workflows with fully integrated and automated processes, without any surprises.

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Products used by AcronymIT

Founded in 2001, AcronymIT is a leader in software licensing and is the main provider of software licensing and management solutions for the Australian government.

Business Situation

Founder David Hall knew that digital modernization and automation were necessary to keep client satisfaction on top while growing the business.


The Nintex solution provides streamlined, automated workflows for customer quote requests that connect with Xero and AcronymIT’s software asset register, AboveBoard. The solution has resulted in faster service to the client, guaranteed responses, and more efficient management of accounts.

Firm goes nearly paperless with digital workflows and forms

Data capture is now greatly simplified. There’s a lot less wasted time, and employees are much happier with the new workflows. Critical steps have become automated, which minimizes repetitive steps and bursting inboxes. 

“From request to quote to deliverable, it’s up to 400% faster,” Hall says. “It’s really a ‘set-and-forget’ system.”


30% faster turnaround

100% compliance and audit trails

20% sales executive time-saving from auto email management

From request for quote all the way to the deliverable, our new sales and account management workflow is comprehensive and nimble. The Nintex solutions have spearheaded the transition to an essentially paperless office."

David Hall, Founder and Chief Operating Officer,AcronymIT