Nintex delivers increased accuracy and reporting for education compliance audits

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta streamlines audit process for more than 75 schools

Every five years, Australian principals and school administrators must complete a full compliance audit on school compliance to maintain registration. The workload associated with responding to this audit placed significant pressure on staff, administrators and principals.

Not only was it time-consuming to manually fill out spreadsheets and email them to the education office, but compliance requirements were also ambiguous and often interpreted differently. Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) sought a solution to reduce staff stress levels, save time and improve accuracy.

CEDP wanted to simplify the process in a contemporary way that supported staff engagement and responded to current and future compliance needs. The organization envisioned a new workflow and rules-based solution where collaboration, transparency and shared leadership underpinned school-level tracking and automation of “24 by 7” compliance—not a “once in awhile,” full on-site audit approach.

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Catholic Education Diocese of Paramatta is a non-profit organization comprised of 78 Catholic schools (56 primary and 22 secondary) and four early learning centers. The Diocese has a student population of around 43,000 and 4,500 staff.

Business Situation

CEDP wanted to streamline the education-compliance full audit process its school staff underwent every five years and an annual self-monitoring process across its 78 schools.


IT partner Devworkz created an automated compliance management solution called 247Checklist, based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Nintex Workflow Enterprise and proprietary technologies Appbuilder and Uihiro.

Complex, automated workflows improve efficiency

To create an automated compliance management solution to fit this model, CEDP called on technology partner Devworkz to update its existing Microsoft SharePoint system. Using proprietary technology to enhance the user experience, they developed a new solution called 247Checklist, built on Nintex Workflow Enterprise.

With their complex, automated workflows, CEDP improved efficiency and greater oversight in compliance. They’ve eliminated the repetitive work of collecting and maintaining evidence and have better reporting options, with accurate, measurable data on compliance status across all categories.


Improved compliance transparency and efficiency
Better reporting
Centralized access to compliance documentation

Managing compliance within and across multiple school sites is challenging and requires great transparency and oversight. Now, the 247Checklist solution provides principals and administration staff with an online auditing solution that supports and streamlines how we meet our compliance objectives."

Tania Cairns, Compliance Officer,Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta