Simple and intuitive solution helps Kaspersky Lab serve customers efficiently

Quick and easy establishment of complex customer workflows boosts efficiency

Roman Rybalov, project manager at Kaspersky Lab in Moscow, Russia, had a need for speed. With a growing to-do list of workflow automation projects for his internal customer base, he needed to find a way to deliver solutions quickly, but he didn’t have time to learn a complex workflow tool.

Kaspersky Lab is a fast-growing global IT security company. Rated as one of the industry’s top-four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users, Kaspersky Lab’s customers include large enterprises, small and medium businesses and consumers. 

Internally, the company is very process-driven and needed an easy way to create a large number of workflows very quickly. Rybalov and his team were tasked with automating those processes for internal users of Microsoft SharePoint. The core functions included contracts management, consolidation of financial reports, business trip approval, intellectual property management and marketing development funds distribution.

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Products used by Kaspersky
Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab is one of the fastest-growing global IT security companies. Rated as one of the industry’s top-four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users, Kaspersky Lab operates in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide, and serves more than 300 million users. 

Business Situation

Kaspersky Lab’s internal automation team needed an easy way to quickly
develop a large number of workflows for its internal customer base.


Nintex Workflow enabled Kaspersky Lab to begin creating complex custom workflows immediately after deployment, without extensive training.

Workflow development at scale

“We liked the idea of Nintex from the start, because it uses native SharePoint functionality,” says Rybalov. “Because Nintex Workflow offers such a simple and intuitive solution, we were able to begin developing really complex workflows almost immediately.”

With Nintex Workflow, Kaspersky Lab has been able to boost workflow development by as much as 30 percent. “We needed to be able to provide complex, custom workflows for our internal customers with a very fast turnaround,” says Rybalov. “Finding an easy-to-use solution that enables us to serve our customers so efficiently has been fantastic.”


30% faster workflow development
Improved customer service
Easy learning curve

We needed to quickly develop a large amount of workflows, and we needed to make sure they were both stable and supportable. We looked at Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer, but realized in the end that what we really needed was Nintex Workflow."

Roman Rybalov, Kaspersky Lab,project manager